Documents uploading

Uploading documents to the Unistore archive is done using system Inboxes. Unistore provides basic types of inboxes, which can be easily integrated with almost all middle-class network scanning devices.

After creating new archive system administrator can create any number of inboxes in the Inboxes section of administration panel. To create new inbox, you need to use the command located at top right corner of the view:

Inboxes management in administrator panel

FTP inbox

A FTP inbox is used to upload documents to the archive using FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol). This is the basic interet protocol used to transmit files through the internet. When you create such type of inbox, you receive unique FTP address, along with the username and password, which you can use to send files to Unistore:

FTP inbox example

To see the FTP account password please click the Show link.

If your device supports the FTP protocol, to integrate your device with the Unistore inbox you have to setup the FTP address, username and password in the device, as documents sending target. In most cases you also have to use the passive connection option, to make your device to see the external FTP server.

Email inbox

An Email inbox is used to upload documents to Unistore by sending them as email attachments to specific email address. When you create such type of inbox, you receive a unique email address, where you can send the documents:

Email inbox example

If your device supports sending documents to Email addresses, to integrate the device with Unistore inbox you need to configure this email address in your device as documents sending target.

General inbox options

When you create new inbox you also need to configure following addtional options:

  • Name - this is the inbox name visible in the system (any text).
  • Inbox code - this is a unique text code, which can be used when the system sets automatically numbers for documents uploaded to this inbox. For example, is you set it to S1, documents uploaded to this inbox can receive the S1 string as a part of their numbers (eg. INVOICE/S1/2013/2234843).
  • Auto category - after setting the specific document category in this field, all documents uploaded to this inbox will be assigned to this category automatically. Thanks to this feature you can archive your document automatically, skipping the documents describing stage.
  • Identifier - is used to create physical address of the inbox, ie. the FTP or email address user name. For example, if your customer name is customer and your email inbox name is office, the physical address to send documents will be customer-office@....
  • Inbox type - here you define whether this is a FTP or Email inbox.
  • Language - each document that is received by the inbox is processed by the OCR engine. To correctly recognize characters in particular languages, here you need to define the language of documents you intend to upload to this inbox.

Support for multi-page documents

Unistore supports both the single-page and the multi-page scanned documents. Single-page documents can be uploaded both in PDF and any other image format (like JPEG, PNG or TIFF).

Multi-page documents are supported only in the PDF format. Your scanning device should be equipped with the feature of joining particular pages of your multi-page document in a single PDF file, and then sending it to the Unistore inbox. This is the one of the most common features of modern scanning devices.

Processing documents in inboxes

After the document upload it is shown in the given inbox on the main Unistore panel. Although, before it appears in the inbox it needs to be processed by the OCR engine and our layout recognition algorithms. Therefore the document may not emerge in the inbox immediately (it depends on current server workload).

Before the sent document is put into the inbox, is first sent to the documents processing queue, and it appears in the inbox only after successful processing. To check the current queue processing status and verify how many documents sent to the specific inbox is currently processed in the queue, you need to use the Check status command located at the top right corner of the inbox view:

Where to check the inbox processing status

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