Unistore is a system created to help you manage your archived documents.

An easy way to keep digital record, without creating any additional infrastructure.

You can easily describe documents with forms, just by clicking text on scanned document view.

So that you can easily look up any file you need, using various criteria.

Get to know how it all works

Basic activities in Unistore

Scan your

As you scan, Unistore will automatically store you document in archive.

Unistore is a safe combination of scanning device and storage space on server. Both scanning and data archiving happens in one easy step: pushing ‘scan’ button on your device.

Scanned documents appear immediately in Unistore archives,so you can easily access it through Internet browser. All you need is a device connected to Internet or local network.

it in Unistore

Unistore offers you tools to process your documents both manually and automatically.

The system recognizes a content using OCR mechanisms and processes it automatically.

In addition, you can add various descriptions to you documents: name a type (i.e. order, contract, invoice), category or add specific tags.

For each type of document you can define specific form (i.e. invoice sum and number), which you fill after Unistore processes the document – simply by clicking required fields in it.

As you continue using Unistore, the system learns your documents: becomes able to classify incoming documents unaided and automatically suggests your defined forms’ field values.

your data

Fast access to documents and data stored in your archive: you can access it any place and time of a day.

Documents are easy to find, thanks to various browsing mechanisms, including key words and phrases searching.

Easy way of generating reports based on previously entered data, i.e. time range, order amounts and other documents characteristics.

You can share documents (i.e. with your tax office) straight from your archive without a need to make a copy.

Benefits for your company




A convenient way to transfer paper documents into electronic archives.

Fast browsing and easy finding specific document in the archive.

Easy ways to find required information in stored documents.

Instant access to archived documents, any place and time you need.

A possibility to simply share your documents with others, instead of sending them via e-mail or make paper copies.

System features

Direct connection with scanning devices

Documents structure analysis and OCR content recognition

Both manual and automatic document classification

On-line document storage

Various possible ways of browsing through documents and accessing data

Outside sharing available directly from the archive

Multiple scanning devices available to use within one company

Safe storage of encrypted documents

Everyday backup copy of your data

Availability to upload documents without scanning device (i.e. from you e-mail)

Why Unistore?

Company documents are stored in one, unlimited database accessible to all the employees.

Documents can be accessed from any place and device, including mobile devices.

Selected documents can be shared with contractors, without a need to share entire company’s profile or database.

Documents are stored on a server of unlimited capacity, available for all users.

Flexible payment plan available, adjusted to user’s needs and service usage.

Ability to personalise your storing organisation on three different levels: depending on document types, categories or tags.

Quick and effective browsing allows searching for required document in a most convenient way.

Ability to search through documents types, categories, tags, metadata and content recognised by OCR mechanisms.

Easy document filtrating system based on specific features and clusters of features, in addition to ability to create advanced reports and inquiries.

Documents are safer than those stored the traditional way – in Windows folders.

All data is encrypted with one of the strongest algorithms currently existing (AES 256).

The application is accessed through a connection encrypted in SSL standard.

Data is stored in two copies, which guarantees it is recoverable after drive or server breakdown. There is also a possibility to store your files on additional server, located in different place than the main server.

Scanned documents can be easily analysed through a browser.

Forms associated with your scans can be filled in fast, just by highlighting adequate data in scan preview – no need to enter data manually.

System uses self-learning algorithms, which process the content and support automatic classification as well as filling in form fields.

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