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Is the Unistore safe?

Unistore guarantees documents storing and access safety on various different levels. First level apply to a backup copy that prevents data loss in case of any breakdown. The other level applies to data encryption functions, which mean security against data theft, tampering or unauthorized access.

In detail, Unistore system is protected on following security levels:

  1. Your data is encrypted with one of the strongest encrypting algorithms currently existing: AES 256, whereas the encryption keys are protected by RSA 1024 asymmetric algorithm. That means even ourselves, we are not able to see your data – but in case of losing all user passwords and the private key (which is accessible for copying from the system admin panel) it is going to be lost.
  2. Access to the application is only possible through a connection encrypted in SSL standard. This means that nobody can intercept your data sent from Unistore servers.
  3. Your data is stored on two mirror drives (in RAID 1 matrix). In case of any breakdown, we can recover your files using their image from the second drive.
  4. A daily backup of your data is performed, so that the data always is stored in two different physical locations. Even in case the main server breaks down completely, we will still be able to restore your data from the security copy.

Can you decrypt my data and redeem my documents in case of losing password?

Unfortunately not. We treat seriously our customer demands concerning their data security. If we could do it, anyone who gains unauthorized access to the customer documents repository could do it as well.

All document encryption keys are additionally encrypted with the RSA 1024 key pair. We know only the public key from this pair (this is why we can encrypt documents), but the private key is only known by the system administrator. Both keys admin can see in the system configuration panel. Therefore it's crucial from the point of view of restoring the data in case of losing the admin password, is to copy these keys and to store them in the safe location. This is the first task that admin should perform after first login to the system account.

Can I use Unistore when I am not at company/home?

Yes, the main merit of Unistore is that it provides you access to your archive no matter where you are. Unistore also allows you to access documents via mobile devices.

Which scanning devices are supported for use in Unistore?

There's supported any network scanning device (equipped with LAN socket or WiFi interface), which is able to send scanned images in FTP protocol or via e-mail. In short: if you scanning device can be plugged directly to you company LAN network, it can also be plugged directly to the Unistore.

Your device should additionally be able to create multi-page PDF documents (what is the common feature in most scanned devices on the market).

How can I add a document to Unistore?

Documents are added directly from your scanning device to Unistore Inbox. After you create the system account you can configure any number of Inboxes of following type:

  1. FTP - after you create such type of inbox, you receive the unique FTP address with username nad password, to which you can send the documents. Afterward, you configure this FTP address in your scanning device as the target for sending documents (usually in passive mode).
  2. Email - after you create such type of inbox, you receive the unique Email address, to which you can send the documents. Afterward, you configure this Email address in your scanning device as the target for sending documents.

What document types are supported?

The document basic format supported by Unistore is the multi-page PDF containing scanned pages. When you scan multi-page document in your scanning device, you should configure the device to merge all pages in a single PDF file, and the to send this PDF to Unistore.

For single page documents there are more formats available - almost all image formats, like JPEG, TIFF, PNG are supported.

Moreover to the Unistore Inboxes you can upload other various documents, as well. For example Unistore supports text documents and spreadsheets produced by Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. The content of these documents is recognized and available for searching, like for the scanned documents.

How can I create an account and login to Unistore?

To create a system account firstly you need to create account on this website, and to select one of the available data package (including free option). Then you will receive an activation email and you need to click the activation link contained in this email. After account activation, there's a system customer account created, together with the first user account named admin.

You can login to the system using Login to system button which is available on user account panel, displayed after login to this website. Yet you don't need to login to this website each time you want to login to the system. In the user account panel you can also see the direct system URL address, which you can save in your browser bookmarks, and use it for direct login to the system.

You can always display the user account panel using My account button located at the top of this website.

Can I add more users to my archive?

Yes. You can add unlimited amount of users to you archive, and configure various access levels for them as well (to eg. particular document types, inboxes or folders). After you create the system account, you receive a direct system login URL, and your admin user account is created (with the admin username and the same password as the one given for this website account).

Then you can add more users directly in the system administration panel. For each new user account, it's enough to send the direct system login URL to the given user, and he will be able to login. The direct system login URL is visible on user account panel of this website.

You can always display the user account panel using My account button located at the top of this website.

Can I switch to paid plan if I start with getting a free account?

Any user with a free account can switch to paid version. To change the package please click the My account button located on the top of this website, and the Edit account button.

Can I change package to lower?

You can change package to lower if current storage usage allows this. For example if you have the 2GB package and current storage usage is 500MB only, you can back to the free 1GB package.

What happens when I exceed my current package?

When you achieve the maximum storage usage allowed for ordered package, new documents won't be added to the archive anymore. To restore the uploading feature you need to increase your package. This also means that nothing will automagically increase your costs without you knowledge.

The current storage space usage is visible on the progress bar located on user account panel, which is accessible under My account button at the top of this website.

Can I remove documents from archive?

Removing documents is possible, but for security concerns the physical data is never removed from the Unistore, and admin can always restore removed documents.

I can't see documents sent to Unistore.

This may happen for two reasons.

Firstly, the documents you send to the Unistore Inboxes are always pre-processed by OCR engine (Optical Character Recognition) before are physically added to the archive repository. This process may last from few seconds to few minutes (depending on current server load). Your document processing status for given inbox can always be checked using the Check status button, which is located at the top right corner of the inbox view.

The other reason may be the scanning device configuration error. If you send documents constantly, and they don't appear in the appropriate inbox, and you also can't see anything in the inbox status information, please contact with us to identify what the exact problem is.

I can't see documents preview in Unistore.

To enable PDF documents preview and fields selection feature you need to install latest Java technology on your client computer. See more about this here.

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