Terms & Conditions


1. These terms of service (the ‘Terms’) govern the terms and conditions of service provided via Internet by unistore.pl website.

2. The owner of unistore.pl website is Unidoc Sp. Z o.o. based in Bydgoszcz (post code: 85-027), Jagiellońska 103, registered in the register of entrepreneurs of the District Court for Bydgoszcz, XIIIth Commercial Register Division under the number 0000387308, the share capital of which is 10 000 PLN; tax indentification nuber (NIP): 9671343097, REGON: 340914099.


1. Unistore is a system created for managing scanned documents.

2. Unistore’s main features are:

  • Ability to define different types of documents scanned by the User (i.e. invoice), including the possibility to define User’s personalised document form (designing a personalised electronic document form).
  • Automatic recording of all documents scanned in a scanning device connected to Unistore (via Internet).
  • Scan decomposition into form fields matching specific document types by using OCR function and additional programming tools built in a system.
  • Various document searching criteria based on: document type, scnaning date, form fields, content (after applying OCR content recognition function), category or folder.

3. Unistore will be available to use uptime for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Average Unistore accessibility per year will be no less than 99% in case of software responsible for the services described above. In case of temporary inaccessibility, the User will be informed in advance, as soon as it will be possible.

4. Unidoc will bear full responsibility for any failure to provide the services or inadequate quality of the services with the exception of the cases when the service is relieved of responsibility according to polish law.

5. In particular Unistore will not bear responsibility for problems caused by User’s lack of access to the Internet network and/or failure of hardware and programming tool software that are not a part of Unistore service. That is especially if the lack of access will be a result of outside conditions or third party’s neglect.


1. Using unistore.pl service require an Internet browser and Java technology installed on client machine.


1. Unistore website provides both paid and unpaid services (system features).

2. All paid and unpaid services are specified in the ‘Pricing’ section on unistore.pl website.

3. Access to any Unistore features, both paid and unpaid, is possible only for registered Users (with User account), after selecting one of available service packages.

4. Unidoc is allowed to use third parties to provide services specified in the Terms.


1. Unistore services are available only for registered Users.

2. Registration is possible via unistore.pl website. Registration demands filling in a registration form. The minimum personal data that the User is obliged to provide in order to create an unpaid account are:

  • username
  • e-mail address
  • name and surname
  • company name
  • service package name as chosen by the User

3. In relation to a package chosen, the User may be obliged to provide additional data during registration if necessary to issue an invoice. This term concerns in particular Unistore’s paid packages and additionally paid features.

4. The website will notify the User about the obligation to accept conditions stated above and in the Terms. In case of registering for additionally paid package or features, the User will be additionally asked to confirm that he agree to be issued invoices for electronic services without the recipient’s signature. The invoices will be issued on the e-mail address provided by the User during registration process or otherwise directly on the User’s account on unistore.pl.

5. Unistore.pl has a right to process personal data provided by Users.


1. By logging in the unistore.pl website, the User agrees for his personal data:

  • To be gathered, registered, stored, modified and deleted to the extent necessary for providing services ordered by the User
  • To be gathered, registered, stored, modified and deleted for marketing and statistic reasons
  • To be gathered, registered, stored, modified and deleted for advertising and market research reasons, users’ preferences analysis and managing the quality of services provided by Unistore

2. By providing his e-mail address, the User agrees to receive marketing information in accordance to the Providing Services by Electronic Means act from 18 July 2002 (Dz. U. from 2002, number 144).

3. The User has a right to withdraw from this agreement at any time.

4. The User has a right to access, change or delete any of his data kept in the service. To do so the User should send a message to service owner using contact form.


1. The subscription fee depending on a chosen service package and additional paid features is to be paid by the User in advance for each whole month of using the chosen services, based on pro forma invoice.

2. In case of the User’s failure to pay the fee adequate to the prices published in the current pricing on the Unistore website, the services will not be available for the next accounting period. The above do not apply to unpaid services. A fee covering more than a one month accounting period can be paid by the User in advance.


1. The current subscription fee rates are published on the Unistore website and do not include a VAT tax on Goods and Services.

2. Payment by the User is noted from the moment when the money hits a proper Unidoc bank account.

3. The service has a right to change a fee for any package available and any additionally paid feature.

4. In case of increase in subscription fees, the User will be notified by changing the pricing available at the Unistore website. The Users who have already paid for the packages which price is changed, will be additionally notified via an e-mail sent on the address provided by the User during registration or the address the User updated, no later than 14 (fourteen) days before the new fees will be introduced.

5. In case the User doesn’t accept the changes, he has the right to cancel the service subscription through his account on Unistore website (in accordance to the Resignation rules stated below).

6. The Resignation will be in force from the next full month accounting period, after the period already been paid by the User is finished.
If the User does not cancel his subscription he will be charged accordingly to the fees given in current pricing for the following accounting period.

7. In case of any VAT tax increase (tax on Goods and Services) or any new tax introduction, the subscription fees for the services provided by Unistore will automatically increase at short notice.

8. If the User decides to cancel a subscription on account of tax increase or an introduction of new tax, the rules presented above in points 4-6 will be followed accordingly.

9. Any costs related to accessing Unistore and communicating within the website via Internet are to be paid by the User, not by Unistore.

10. The User states that he is aware he will be able to start using Unistore as soon as his subscription is confirmed and he accepts this fact without any reservations.


1. If the User wishes to cancel his subscription, he is obliged to inform Unistore service by sending a message to service owner using contact form, putting ‘resignation’ in the subject. If the resignation is to be applied from the end of current accounting period, the User is obliged to send the message mentioned above in point 1 no later than 48 (forty eight) hours before the current accounting period ends.

2. In case the resignation concerns unpaid services or services during free trial period, it will be applied from the date and hour stated at the User’s account (unless the website states differently).

3. In case the resignation notice described above is not given on time, the User’s subscription will be automatically prolonged for next accounting period.

4. The resignation from service subscription does not entitle the User to claim back the money already paid for subscription fees as published in current pricing on Unistore website.


1. All information on Unistore website are published for the informational purposes only.

2. The User is not allowed to publish any materials which content will be:

  • discordant with commonly accepted norms and rules
  • obscene, vulgar, blasphemous, outrageous or disturbing social rules
  • infringing other person’s personal rights or other, i.e. copyrights
  • unlawful
  • perceived as erotic or pornographic

3. The service and its owner do not bear any responsibility for any content uploaded and published by the Users.

4. Website administrator has the right to block or delete content if unlawful or on the User’s demand.

5. The User’s demands will be looked into when received.

6. While using Unistore the User is not allowed to take up unlawful actions, especially such as breaking Unistore’s security mechanisms or attempting to do so or using possible gaps in the website security policies.

7. Unistore.pl website has the right to publish commercial and advertising content.

8. The User bears responsibility for all his actions while using the Unistore services.

9. When providing services described above, the owner of Unistore website is not obliged to monitor the date processed, stored or shared on the website.

10. In case of receiving an official note concerning unlawful character of the data stored by the User, Unistore bear no responsibility towards the User for the harm caused by blocking the User’s access to the data mentioned.

11. In case of receiving reliable note concerning unlawful character of the data stored by the User, Unistore bear no responsibility towards the User for the harm caused by blocking the User’s access to the data mentioned after immediate notifying the User about it.


1. The User has the right to transfer rights and obligations resulting from the Agreement on a third party if it fulfils the prerequisites mentioned in the Terms and after receiving Unidoc’s permission.

2. Permission mentioned above may depend on the User fulfilling all the obligations resulting from the Agreement.

3. Transferring rights and obligations resulting from the Agreement is regulated by adequate Terms arrangements referring to contracting the Agreement.

4. Transferring rights and obligations resulting from the Agreement is associated with additional fee no bigger than 99PLN net price, which the User might be obliged to pay Unidoc.


1. It is forbidden to copy, process or take up any other actions concerning parts of content or the whole content published by other Unistore Users without their written agreement.

2. Using Unistore services, including paid services, does not give the User any rights to a content published on the website. The User is only entitled to use it in accordance with polish copyright law and related laws.


1. All complaints, remarks, opinions and notification about the Terms violations should be addressed via message to service owner using contact form.

2. Unistore will process a complaint in 5 (five) working days term and notify the User about accepting or rejecting the complaint on the e-mail address provided by the User.

3. In case of court litigation, the only appropriate address is Unistore owner’s Unidoc premises.

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