Privacy policy and data security

All of your data is protected on two levels. We protect your documents from unauthorized access in the way that no one except you can read them. We also protect your data against the loss in case of hardware failure on two levels.

Protection against unathorized access

The basic dilemma concerning data storage "in the cloud" is the issue of data confidentiality, and above all, the answer to the question: whether and when a private and confidential documents can be discovered and disclosed by a third party. In the Unistore the answer to this question is simple: there's no possibility that your data could be disclosed, because all documents kept in the repository are encrypted by the strongest cryptography algorithms currently known. In this way storing documents in Unistore is much more secure than the usage of e-mail service (using an external email service you have to agree with the fact that your data and documents are kept on the service provider's server, usually in a non-encrypted way, and are possible to disclose eg. if someone hacks the server).

Data encryption in Unistore is done on several levels.

AES 256 encryption
All documents are encrypted using AES 256 cryptographic algorithm. This is now one of the strongest symmetric cryptography algorithm approved by the U.S. government to protect sensitive information. Every document that you send to Unistore is immediately encrypted and the original version is removed (we store only encrypted versions). Each document is additionally encrypted with different, random key, what provides additional security because even if the key is disclosed, it can be used to decrypt one document only.
RSA 1024 enryption
All AES 256 encryption keys are additionally encrypted using RSA 1024 algorithm. This is currently one of the most secure algorithms, used for digital signature functions and in online banking as well. The algorithm is based on two keys: public and private. On our side we have only access to the public key, which allows us to encrypt the AES keys. However, to decrypt these keys the private key is needed, and it is known only to the system administrator and other system users.
SSL connection standard
When the data is sent from our servers to your computer (eg. application screens or documents), the entire transmission between your computer and the server is also encrypted using the SSL protocol. This standard provides both the data encryption and the service provider validation and is used for example in online banking. The fact that the application communicates with the client computer in a secure and encrypted way may be checked by the URL address, which in this case begins with https:// (as opposed to http:// protocol, which is unencrypted) and by a green padlock veryfying our certificate: SSL padlock

Protection against the data loss in case of hardware failure

The second issue concerning data security is the answer to the question: if my data is safe in case of hardware failure? In any case, when you store your data eg. on your home computer or company server, the only way to ensure that the data can survive the hardware failure is to perform and periodically update backup copies of your data. The data kept separately in two or more locations is resistant to failure in one of them. We do the same in Unistore on two levels.

Macierz RAID
All data stored on Unistore servers are kept on a double RAID 1 disk array. This means that your documents are held always in two copies on two mirrored hard disks. In case of failure of one of them, we can restore the contents of the repository from the other one.
Serwer kopii zapasowej
In addition, every day we make a data backup. This means that the contents of your the repository is sent to an additional server, maintained in a different location. This means that even if the global server failure happens (eg, the fire in the server room) and all its disks are lost, we can always restore the data from the backup repository.

Even greater safety

For companies that want to get an even greater level of security of their data, we offer the opportunity to deploy the "on-premise" system version. The system is then installed on the customer's server and can be accessed only within a corporate intranet, with no external access. It is also a good solution for companies with the policy of storing all their the data in their own data centers. If you purchase the system in this model, you will receive a license for using the application in your own environment along with the deployment service. If you're interested in this topic, please contact us.

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